The Intelligent Communities of Canada

Since the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced its first list of the TOP7 Intelligent Communities of the Year, Canadian cities have made an annual appearance on ICF’s honour role.  From 2002 through 2017, a total of 31 cities and regions in Canada have passed through ICF’s rigorous evaluation process to qualify as a SMART21 city semi-finalist, a TOP7 Intelligent Community finalist or the Intelligent Community of the Year. This year, on October 27, in New York City, the next list of SMART21 communities will be announced. Will Canadian cities once again grace this list and thereby be contenders for the 2018 TOP7 list?

What makes these communities unique and how can they leverage their unique brand as Smart Cities and Intelligent Communities to attract and retain jobs, investment and talent in their communities?

Last year, ICF Canada conducted an in-depth survey of the nation’s Intelligent Communities which paints a compelling portrait of Canada’s Intelligent Communities in both numbers and words, and identifies their contributions to attracting and retaining investment and talent, both domestic and foreign, in the Canadian economy. Called “Sharpening Canada’s Competitive Edge”, the study identifies participating Intelligent Communities ranging in population from 2.8 million (Toronto) to 32,000 (Stratford), and in population density from 2,600 people per square kilometer to 2 per km2.  Their economic and educational performance varies just as widely. The study is available to all ICF Canada Members free of charge. See:

As more and more communities become ICF Canada members, they will be of interest to foreign investors. ICF Canada is looking at ways to help our Canadian ICF communities to take advantage of their brand, clusters and local opportunities. A plan for the next several years is in the draft stage and will be communicated to the membership following the ICF Canada Board’s consideration of the plan. In addition to the communities that have qualified to become ICF Smart21 cities, ICF Canada is attracting colleges and universities as well as the private sector and like -minded non-profit organizations and associations to become new members. Membership is available to any community, individual, company and institution. For membership and benefits of membership, see


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