Featured Speakers at ICF Summit ’18


At the ICF Summit, 4-6 June in London, you will hear from public- and private-sector speakers from across the world about their communities’ successes and how they got there. Here are some of the speakers you’ll hear from this year:

Andrew Carter Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Cities Andrew became Chief Executive of the Centre in April 2017. He is also Deputy Director of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth. He has over 20 years of experience working on urban economic policy issues for public and private development agencies, consultants and research institutes. He is a regular media contributor and chairs and speaks at conferences across the UK and Europe on a wide range of urban and economic issues. Andrew will be speaking on the Humanizing Data panel on June 4. For more speakers:

Joyeeta Das
Founder and CEO, Gyana
Joyeeta started her career training as an engineer in India, before taking a job working at Cisco. Not long after, she founded Anahata Life and furthered her study with an MBA at the University of Oxford. Joyeeta was selected for two Innovate UK entrepreneur missions to the US and has now successfully brought Gyana to market. Gyana aims to bring AI and big data to consumers in an affordable way, and this is through its unique information search tool. The software looks to integrate data from numerous channels, such as social media, traffic updates and weather, to bring together a perspective about any selected area. Joyeeta will be speaking on the Opportunity and Employment in a Big Data World panel on June 4. Read more about Joyeeta

Stephen Hilton
Director, Bristol Futures Global
Stephen Hilton is an internationally recognised smart cities expert. At Bristol City Council he created and led Bristol Futures, a high profile, award-winning team that achieved great success. The highlights include, winning the title of European Green Capital 2015; becoming the first UK Rockefeller Global 100 Resilient city; securing official designations as a UK Super Connected City and Future City Demonstrator; developing Engine Shed and Invest in Bristol & Bath, Bristol is Open and the Bristol-Brussels office; co-creating Playable City and securing funding for many successful projects on driverless cars, smart meters, smart grids, open data and large scale
technology demonstrators. Stephen will be speaking on the Who Cares About Open Data? panel on June 5. Read more about Stephen

Douglas McCollough
Chief Information Officer, City of Dublin, Ohio, USA

Douglas McCollough serves as Dublin’s CIO, where he is responsible for leading the city’s IT department that includes network operations, geographic information systems and DubLink, Dublin’s 125-mile fiber optic system. Douglas has previously worked for the Ohio Department of Medicaid/Diversified Systems, Nationwide Insurance and State of Ohio Industrial Commission, boasting 15 years of experience. He will be speaking at the CIO Roundtable on June 6.
Read more about Douglas

Thomas Müller
Project Manager, City of Muelheim, Germany

As project manager at Mülheim & Business GmbH, Thomas is in charge of helping startups and established businesses in all strategic questions related to business innovation, recruiting and university relations. Furthermore, the development and implementation of industry sector-specific projects (e.g. STARBUZZ Digital Commerce Accelerator, Games Factory Ruhr, Creative Factory Ruhr, Engage.NRW, Game Development Initiative Ruhr) is one of his responsibilities. Thomas is also co-founder of bee smart city, which offers an online solutions database of more than 300 smart city solutions from over 100 cities, as well as insights into strategy and development. He will be speaking on the Who Cares About Open Data? panel on June 5.
Read more about Thomas


The annual ICF Summit is unlike any municipal, urban planning or economic development conference you attend. You will take away value that translates into direct benefit to the citizens, businesses and institutions you serve:

  • Economic development leads. Identify site location and investment opportunities, as well as “soft landing” targets for local business, at our economic development matchmaking session.
  • Ideas you can put to use. Meet officials from cities, counties and metro areas who face similar challenges and have created strategies and programs to deal with them. Many may have developed solutions that apply to your community. Peer mentoring starts at the Summit and continues long after through the relationships you forge.
  • Inspiration to act. Too often, efforts to build a better community wind up in an endless loop of meetings, analysis, workshops and more analysis. The inspiring examples you encounter at the Summit show you how to take the first essential steps on the journey.

International reach. McKinsey & Company estimates that 80% of the world’s trade will cross international borders by 2027. Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Solow has proven that 80% of economic growth comes from technology innovation. The Summit is your most direct route to international opportunity in the innovation economy.

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