Technical Committee

Chaired by Campbell Patterson, of Kingston, Ontario, the “Technical Committee” was formed in 2015 to stimulate discussion and begin to give ICF Canada some directions on topics of technical interest such as ICF Canada’s definition of broadband – the first indicator in the ICF intelligent community model and the critical enabler of the intelligent community.

Most recently it develop an official policy paper of ICF Canada recognizing broadband as an essential utility and a human right of all Canadians. It continues to meet to discuss other topics, such as the role of the Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence, Robotics, Driverless Vehicles, etc. This exciting and hands-on committee is open only to qualified ICF Canada members. To join the committee or provide support, please contact Campbell at

Technical Committee

Formerly known as the Mandate Committee, a new committee called the Program Committee will look at developing program initiatives that help to give ICF Canada relevance and meaning to the smart cities and Intelligent Communities across Canada. Program topics may include:
• Assisting communities with understanding the global Intelligent Community movement and its indicators and how ICF Canada could relate to them in their communities;
• Developing mentorship programs for new communities considering applying to be recognized as a SMART21 city;
• Assisting with answering questions related to the ICF Community INDEX, especially as they relate to Canadian communities;
• Explaining how to actively participate in Canadian and global activities of ICF Canada and ICF;
• Developing initiatives through the program committee that other committees could implement such as a sponsorship and fund-raising committee, special projects committee and the technical committee.

<strong>How to join: </strong>
For further information or to join the Program Committee, please contact John Jung at <strong> </strong>Open to any ICF Canada Member.

Technical Committee

A new committee to assist the Executive Director to seek sustainable funds and other resources to maintain and expand the organization. This is an important committee.

How to join:
For further information or to join the Resources Committee, please contact John Jung at Open to any ICF Canada Member.